Lindholmsallén 8, Göteborg


ECARX’s mission is to shape the future bond between people and cars, by rapidly advancing the technologies at the heart of smart mobility.
ECARX’s develop car computing platforms and mobility intelligence in a wide range of areas. Our current core products within ecarx europe include Android based Infotainment systems.
We drive the intelligent transformation of the automotive industry and the disruptive evolution of smart travel.
At floorplan eight in one of the new building at uni3 in Gothenburg has EcarX just moved in.
The companys first office outside China.
About 1000sqm and about 80 coworkers.

The aim was to create an urban office that tells the brand´s story and its identity in a playful, mobile and creative way. Change – foresight - excellence is three keywords that is interpreted in three other words;

THEATER, using a few of theatres most fundamental elements we wish to create the stage for EcarX that´s always possible to CHANGE
UNEXPECTED, opens and challenge the mind. Ignite curiosity and support creativity to be able to FORESIGHT the future.
CONTRAST creating attention and focus in the strive for better EXCELLENCE.

Spacious the area is divided to create both active and calm spaces.
The interior is inspired by the Chinese character for people, an upside down V.
If you looking closely, the sign is found in booth floor, on walls, in lighting, on furniture textiles and printed on table tops.
All surface is deliberately designed to strenghten the different parts.
An rich color scheme with some inspiration from the brand concept does also helps to divide the office in work- and meetingareas.
The furniture helps to express the aim of the concept while supporting the various features.

Interior designer: Arkitektbyrån Design AB
Projectleader: Tenant and Partner
Interior design supplier: Senab
Photographer: Bert Leandersson

Our new office is a statement of the journey we have embarked. A journey in changing the auto industry and the disruptive evolution of smart travel. The office tonality inspires innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset making employees and guest feeling welcomed. All in all, enticing the environment into playful and transparent inter action or as we say – never boring at ecarx.

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